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Crossing Porter’s Creek 03 — Porter’s Creek Trail, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Greenbrier District, near Cosby, TN, April 12, 2014 There are external environments that are toxic to our spirit, our soul. We have to be alert to them, and steer clear whenever possible. It’s important to be conscious of what manner of spirit you are—and to live in ways that nourish and nurture your fundamental make up. My spirit is quiet, soft, gentle, kind… And I seek those things in the external world. I wilt in places that are loud, noisy, hard, harsh, brutal, violent, abusive, unknowing, uncaring… We have to consciously work at a creating an external environment in which we can live—carving out spaces that receive us well, revive us, restore us, and sustain us as we step into, and deal with, environments that are hostile to our nature. Live to find or construct spaces that are good for your soul, and go there often.

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